Why Star Bugs Insect Food Product Co.,Ltd., Who we are?

To eat cricket or some other edible insect in Thailand is very common.

If you have a chance to visit Thailand, along the street is full of small street food sellers who offers various kinds of edible insects such as Cricket, Locus, Bamboo worm, Silk worm, etc.

But the most popular menu for the Thai is Fried Cricket.

But as everyone know street food has no strict standard who gonna guarantee for the food safety? Where the insects are caught from or farmed?

So that why we think and has an idea to level up the quality and food safety standard for the edible insect, and we first start with the Cricket as it is the most popular one.

We are not just the food manufacturing factory to cook and pack the cricket, But!!!! we are someone who dealing with the upstream to down stream of the edible Cricket as human food business.

First we improve the way, the old style farmer did in the past on how to raise the Cricket.

We work closely to the group of Cricket farmers as one of their team to find the way to improve the hatching, feeding, harvesting techniques.

So finally for this up stream processes we go some new solutions to improve such as;

  • The newly design and standard of the Cricket feeding pond, no ground touching as compared to the past, the Cricket farmers or even other insect farmers, they make the insect raising ponds on the ground, so this lead to easily for contaminated from the soil to their production.
  • The Cricket house, or the Cricket raising bedding, we have the newly design and have our own factory to build this Cricket house bedding from pulp and paper moulding technic, and we use the oven dryer with the heat treat to ensure that the Cricket house is not contaminated from unexpected factors. More over, with our cricket house newly design the farmers can get more production as compare to what they got in the conventional bedding from dried coconut or banana leaves.
  • We also spend time and budget on R&D on the Cricket feed(The food for Cricket), with the rich of nutrition and well prepare under our own cricket feed manufacturing process, so we got our own Cricket feed powder brand as “The Cricket King” to support our groups of Famers, so we know what we provide to farmers and then to their cricket in their farms. And again it is safe and controllable  as compare to the normal ways the farmer feed the cricket by the left over from their kitchen.
  • Not only the cricket feed, but we also study on how much water to serve the cricket in order to gain more weight and increase the cricket survival rate.

  • After 45 days period, it is the time that Cricket is mature and ready to expand their life span, so we also study on what is the best way to help the Cricket hatching well.
  • We also concentrate on the way we harvest the cricket after they pass the hatching period, we try to ensure to get the cricket in best condition on both quality and quantity, in the clean and safe condition.
  • Then we also has the full facility and factory to convert the cricket into ready to eat food for people, the cricket is well cooked, and packed in the factory that was approved for GMP(Good manufacturing process) and passed the FDA (Food and Drug) standard to ensure that our Cricket product is safe for our valuable customers.
  • We distribute our cricket product in local Thailand market as a fried Cricket ready to eat snack under our own brands as “Star bugs”.

Then after we succeed from the local market it time for us to expand worldwide, then we finally convert the cricket into the alternative sources of protein powder, so called “Cricket Flour”, or “Cricket Powder”, these powder is rich of protein, less fat, Gluten free and contains a lot of nutrition such as amino acids, vitamin, protein, etc.

We ensure our Cricket flour contains a lot of nutrition by international well known third party laboratory test for not only what, and how much nutrition in our Cricket Flours but we also do some biological test to ensure our products is safe for comsumers.

After the long period of research and development on the cricket flour, then we step up to convert our cricket flours products in to some other forms and tastes, for example Cricket Pasta, Cricket noodles, Cricket Energy bar.

We has exported our Cricket Flour Products to many continents such Europe, Asia, and US, but we still open for collaboration with all market worldwide and we are ready to be your OEM manufacturer under your own  brands

We believe in power of nature, good environment, less pollution, we also aim to increase the standard of living life of our edible bug and insect farmers, be a part of us to help strengthen the power of community and help safe the world by just change to new source of food from the little thing like insect, that can help solve a lot of environmental problem.

Little bugs consume less, emit less, require less water, but provide high protein in such a short life cycle as compare to cow, pork or poultry.

Edible insect is the new source of protein, and FAO also said that it is the food of future.

Enjoy and have fun eating bugs, people world wide are already tried it!!

We also try to promote and educate people on some Food exhibition, and we found that people love it.

    After being certified by GMP (Good manufacturing process) and passed the FDA (Food and Drug) standard , we think about the NEXT and the conclusion is back to the beginning.
    That is the farm, “Good agricultural practice for the farm”.
    Finally, we received certification of Good Agricultural Practice for Cricket Farm (GAP) from Department of Livestock Development on 20 September 2019.
    Now we are number 1 of good agricultural cricket farm in Chachoengsao Province.